Saturday, 3 March 2012

The Cloud Creator

Hello all! Sorry for the radio silence, we've been away on holiday and had no time lately to sit down and do some good old 'blogging'. So what have we been up to exactly? Well to start off here's a new illustration which came out of a doodle created for CreatureMags 1 Minute Monsters. I thought I'd do the idea justice and make a finished piece out of it.

We've also done a few interviews over the last couple of months, one of which went live on the CreatureMag site not so long ago. There's a couple more in the pipeline which we'll post when they surface! As well as the odd interview, we also had the privilege of being That's My Folio's featured artist, there's a short blog post about it here on their lovely site. And finally, we've been drafted on Dribbble, so now you can get mini previews of what we're working on if you pop to our page. That's about it folks, I promise the next post won't be so long in the making! Cheerio for now...

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